Lone Haugaard Madsen’s (*1974 in Silkeborg, Denmark, lives and works between Ærø and Vienna) expansive yet precise installations enter a never-ending cycle of artistic production/reproduction and presentation/representation, and further help to shape it. Using sculptural as well as painterly means in a spatial-installative way she questions the production of art itself.

In her practice, Haugaard Madsen makes visible and negotiates the conditions around the production of culture, meaning, and value. Material aspects of production thereby serve as her starting point: her works often consist of objects that have accumulated in her own working space or that she finds in the studios of artist friends or in the workshops and warehouses of art institutions. She collects materials and objects, subjects them to a process of reinterpretation and transforms them until a network-like hybrid emerges that makes the complex interrelationships of art-making tangible.

Selected solo exhibitions include: Raum#409 – Forst, Galerie Nicolas Krupp, Basel (2022); Raum #384 – nyt , Haubrok Foundation, Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin, Raum#383 – Silb, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, Vienna, Raum#365, Kunstraum Lakeside (2021); Rum#367-Commute, Bianca D’Alessandro, Copenhagen (2020); 2019 Raum#363-Tanline, KS Room, Feldbach, Rum#356,, Copenhagen (2019); Raum#350-Lystre, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, Vienna; Rum#338-Pozzo&Panza, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin (2018); Raum#318, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (2013); Raum#310 – Bauta at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen (2011); Raum #26 – Retrofleksive at Grafisches Kabinett, Secession, Vienna (2006).

Recent group exhibitions include: Metal Machine Music, Louis Reed, New York, Chambre d’Ami-xes (Group of Friends), Laurenz, Wien, After the Revolution, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, Vienna (2021); Wir Blumen, Die Leichtigkeit des Fragilen, Works from the Schürmann Collection, Kunstverein Hannover, Flower Blast Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen, Out of Order. Works from the Haubrok Collection, Neues Museum, Nürnberg (2020); IN FULL SUNLIGHT, Kunstverein Mecklenburg und Vorpommern, Schwerin (2019); Klassentreffen, Sammlung Schürmann, MUMOK, Vienna, Paperwork, Haubrok Foundation, Berlin (2018).