What If Everything Was The Same? Exchange of Vacuums

Are you prepared to do wonderful things in this world?
Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn against your playful heart.


I haven’t always been a rabbit.


I was waiting for a sign.
And it came:
30 dolphins upon the horizon in Malibu
But if I could be a bunny-rabbit,
Couldn’t I become anything else?
What if I opened myself
To the entire universe?


My soul is not contained within the limits of my body;
My body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul.
I am heaven.


I’m no bunny, I’m a rabbit.
I’ve never been to a Swinger-Club.
Yet I’ve been inside an overfilled sauna.
Naked bodies squeeze by each other,
Those unwanted touches were difficult at first.
I’ve also been to the Tbilisi baths;
By the pools, a bed made of smooth, polished granite.
A smoking masseur.
I become his medium.


Hey honey-bunny,
Please remove your clothes!


His movements form the naked fur –
My body is a complex affair.
To overcome, for one moment, the disunion with the world, to lose all
fear, to be free from oneself –
This, actually, is one of the bunny’s great dreams.
I have had enough of me and would like to lose myself.
But bunny only knows one technique for rapture: Sex.


And when you step through that door today,
You have two possibilities:
Love or Fear.


Lukas Quietzsch, Hannes Schmidt, Philipp Simon