Angelika Loderer

Angelika Loderer’s presentation for Frieze London comprises wall-based as well as floor-based works.

Each showing a found photograph, the Plexiglass frames installed on the wall are filled with mushroom mycelium. The mushroom mycelium develops over time, grows into fine webs, gradually causing the photographs to alter, abstracting and obscuring their subject matter.

Installed on the floor are new, ambitious pieces from the artist’s ongoing series Schüttlöcher – most accurately translated as “pouring holes.”

Casting subterranean mole tunnels in bronze, Loderer turns fragments of their burrowed network into biomorphic structures that render this negative space visible.

Insofar as the processes in both of these bodies of work elude the artist’s control, they could be referred to as performative pieces. Through the appropriation of already existing shapes and images Loderer generates new narratives and meaning through manipulations of both absence and presence, while also capturing a moment in time. The pieces presented bear witness to the interplay between snapshot and durability and the ambivalence of value, perishability and meaning.

Emerging from the histories of modernism, Loderer’s work is also framed by the conditions of the present. While she activates the performative power of the informe —agitating the modernist delineation between form and content— she is also situated in a contemporary moment characterised by modes of living in which contingency becomes the norm. In this double context, Loderer has developed a practice that incorporates contingency as its formative condition. Her work makes use of materials and processes that constantly perform and expose the object’s internal balancing act.